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Slovakia Offers a Subsidy of 8,000 EUR for Electric Vehicles and Slovak Design Studio


1000,- € zľava na Model S, X


Objednajte si nový Model S, alebo Model X cez tento odkaz a získajte zľavu 1000 eur! Zároveň získate osobnú konzultáciu s majiteľom Tesly a zážitkovú jazdu na Tesle Model S P85D zadarmo (kdekoľvek na SK/CZ). Pre viac info nás kontaktujte.

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  • towy
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2019
    • 4

    Slovakia Offers a Subsidy of 8,000 EUR for Electric Vehicles and Slovak Design Studio

    Sorry my Slovak isnt good (Im from the UK originally but live in SK). Yesterday I got an email from Tesla to say my Model 3 reservation is now ready to "Design". Is it eligible for the €8000 rebate ? I read that since Tesla dont have a dealership in SK it wouldnt be valid since the purchase would be in Austria ? (but I was reading some old website maybe). If it is eligible must it be below €50k list price ?
    Thanks, ToWy
  • Juro
    • Mar 2014
    • 2160
    • juraj1702

    Tesla has already opened the design studio also for Slovakia, look for the Slovak flag, or here: https://www.tesla.com/en_SK/model3/design#battery.
    The thing is, if you want to get 8000,- EUR rebate, the price can't be higher than 41666,67 EUR without VAT, so basically just the Standard Range Plus qualifies. But first you have to register for the rebate here https://www.chcemelektromobil.sk/ and after you can order the car.
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    Moje príspevky sú mojim duševným vlastníctvom chránené autorskými právami a NESMÚ byť použité/citované mimo teslaclub.sk bez môjho súhlasu.


    • matchke
      • Apr 2015
      • 290

      And, you have to pick up the car in Tilburg/Netherland. And as you write the list price may not exceed 50k€ incl. VAT. It is pitty that we have only chance to choose some colors or towing hitch.


      • Hody
        Junior Member
        • Jul 2017
        • 15


        1) as Juro said, it applies only to orders up to 41.666,67 € (without VAT) - so be careful what you add on top of default preset in Configurator. Prices in Configurator are withotu VAT but "after savings". Make sure you check the "before savings" price (final price that you actually pay) in bottom left corner.

        2) Incentives are only for residents of Slovak republic. If you already have "permanent residency" (not sure what term is being used in EN for this), you are eligible for the incentive.

        3) Dealership in SK is no longer an requirement. This was the issue with previous round of incentives (2016-2018), so you read some old article - as you said.

        4) Also, the website where you need to register first in order to get the incentive, has currently technical difficulties. It was stopped early yesterday, and be available at 12.00 today.

        5) After registration, you will recieve an email from goverment agency SIEA, which will help you to fill all the documents. After that, goverment will judge you request and if there is no problem, you will sign the contract with goverment. After that, you will have 12 months to actually buy the car and ask for a refund. It will be 1-payment payback of 8.000 €.


        • Jiri GrandPa
          Senior Member
          • Dec 2016
          • 646
          • viera8131

          towy - one hint - be ready to have at hand "motivation statement" (max 500 characters) which is part of the registration request where you explain why you want this support . I am sure it needs to be in slovak.
          Naposledy upravené Jiri GrandPa; 12-12-2019, 14:02.


          • 1fisker
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            "I am sure it needs to be in Slovak."
            nie som síce moc zbehlý v ang., ale táto veta mi nedáva zmysel, čo tým chcel autor povedať? Nie je tam nejaká chyba?

          • Jiri GrandPa
            Jiri GrandPa komentoval
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            Doslova prelozene - Som si isty, ze musi byt v slovencine. Ma byt male s. Opravil som.

          • ivan32
            ivan32 komentoval
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            1fisker no malo by to byť asi
            "I am sure it needs to be in Slovak language"
            Ale dotyčný to určite pochopil.
            Naposledy upravené ivan32; 12-12-2019, 14:43.

          • Juro
            Juro komentoval
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            V EN sa píše s veľkým S.